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'There's no substitute for experience.'
Steven C. Kurtin, O.D., Board Certified
Diplomate, American Board of Optometry
Fellow, American Board of Clinical Optometry

Dr. Steve Kurtin founded Dallas Vision Specialists. This facility is located in the lobby of Methodist Doctor's Building off the North Dallas Tollway in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Kurtin graduated from Michigan's Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology and work in Psychology. His Doctor of Optometry degree was earned at the prestigious University of Houston Optometry school. His training includes certification to treat Glaucoma, prescribe Paragon CRT and fit Scleral contacts for Keratoconus or other corneal problems affecting eyesight. 

Dr. Kurtin is affiliated with an ophthalmologist network to provide surgical comanagment of Lasik, Cataract and Corneal Surgery. 


 National Eye Research Foundation (1986):
   Certified Contact Lens Fitter
 Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists:
 Platinum Synergeyes contact lens fitter (2002)
   Duette HD, UltraHealth KC, Keratocone & PS Lenses 
 Scleral Lens contact lens designer: All types
 Chromagen Eyeglasses for Dyslexia & Color Deficiency​ Consumers Research Council, Washington D.C.
   America's Top Health Care Professionals 
Brother's Bill Helping Hand, West Dallas, Tx
  Volunteer doctor for Christian outreach medical clinic
Essilor Foundation, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
  Volunteer services to needy children in DFW 

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